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Capacities and dimensions

The dimensions and capacities of individual premises of the hall of John of Louxembourg, gothic arcade gallery, gothic cellars and garden atrium below.

Dimensions of Minorite Monastery halls
Hall of John of Luxembourg 18,7 m×7,0 m
Gothic Arcade Gallery 25,0 m×3,2 m
Gothic cellar I 7,0 m×7,0 m
Gothic cellar II 6,0 m×6,0 m
Gothic cellar III with fireplace 3,0 m×3,0 m
Garden Atrium 10,0  m×10,0 m


Capacities by different arrangements
Hall of John of Luxembourg 180–190 80–120 Up to 250* 80
Gothic cellars – three rooms 50 30 80–100 ×
Total inside capacity × × 300 ×
Garden Atrium × × 50 ×






*including Gothic Arcade Gallery


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